VIALMAN, Who we are?
Company of manufacture of textiles and articles for the home.



VIALMAN, is a company with extensive experience in the textile sector, dedicated to the manufacture and sale of home textiles.

Our team along with the modern facilities makes it possible to develop quality products that suit the needs of our clients and also provide our home of comfort and design.

The sustainable comfort is one of our goals, that is why, in our facilities respect the environment, we are committed to renewable energies and to promote the use of raw materials with natural fibres.

We have a wide collection of articles manufactured 100% in Spain, such as blankets, bedspreads, boutis, skirts table stretcher and plaids that we invite you to get to know, and that we want to be of your liking and interest.

Our Skills

Quality 100 %
Personalized treatment 85 %
Novelty 95 %
Innovators 90 %
Pioners 80 %