The blanket of Bocairent: Vialman as part of history

Vialman manta bocairentina tradición

The history of Bocairent, our town, is linked to the textile tradition and the weaving of blankets. Vialman was founded in the 1970s as a family business weaving blankets, founded by Don Vicente Alcaraz.

After years of experience and tradition, we continue to make one of our most special pieces, the typical blanket of Bocairent, handmade with natural wool fibres. A legacy of the master artisan weavers of Bocairent that leaves us with a unique product in terms of comfort and design.

What are the blankets of Bocairent like?

The blanket of Bocairent, the most typical piece of clothing of our town. Do you know why these blankets are woven on both sides with different weaving patterns?

In the past, one side of the blanket was used for everyday use, and the other side was used to dress up on Sundays and special days. At Vialman we weave these blankets with specific looms that are used to weave the double-sided weave. Thus achieving a unique garment that has made the name of Bocairent known all over the world.

Vialman as part of the history of the typical blankets: a walk through the village tradition

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